everything you need to know for stray kids' next comeback.

this guide is a compilation of all of the information that you need to know to get ready for stray kids' next comeback. we recommend that you start preparing as soon as possible in order to save votes, get prepared for streaming, and promote stray kids in the best way possible. let's help our boys have a successful comeback with their first full length album!

the creation of this carrd was a collaborative effort between a small group of stays that would like to remain anonymous, however, any questions or suggestions can be directed to skzcentral.

To-do list
To-do list
To-do list

This will be updated as more projects open up!

itunes & bugs project - accepting donations to mass purchase the title track on itunes and bugs streaming project.
genie donation project - accepting donations to purchase genie verified accounts and free genie streaming links.
album project - a project to help increase stray kids' album sales.
stay streaming project - a project to help stays receive streaming passes to improve skz's digitals.

whosfan - create as many accounts as possible and login daily to get one hundred credits.
idolchamp - watch ten ads to collect hearts, watch ten ads to collect stars, log in for twenty attendance chamisms, write comments in community to get twenty hearts, like comments in community, take quizzes to collect hearts (find answers here)
mubeat - watch fifteen ads to collect hearts
fanplus - collect attendance votes and watch ads for votes

also remember:
upvote and recommend articles on navercreate naver and genie accountscreate ten mwave accounts for mcountdown votingstream god's menu mv (goal: 100 million views)